With Extra Onions, and more...

If you're a fan of getting your rocks off, and if you want to see me perform on stage for the first time in over 5 years, then I strongly recommend that you head down to The Planet Ant Theatre in Hamtramck this weekend, Friday, July 22nd or Saturday, July 23rd (or next week, Friday, the 29th or Saturday the 30th) to see With Extra Onions.

You can expect to see me as a plethora of colorful characters including a famous explorer, a debauched wrestling coach, a well known politician (?), and much more!

With Extra Onions is an original comedy show that is comprised of sketches written by the Planet Ant Theatre's Level 5 Writing Class. My fellow cast mates and crew members have worked hard to put together a show that we are immensely proud of and are excited to share with lovers of comedy and theatre in the Detroit area.

Speaking of classes, The Planet Ant Theatre has classes that you can take. Whether you want to learn how to write sketch comedy and eventually put on your own sketch comedy show, or if you want to learn how to improvise from the basics all the way to pro, you can learn from a huge cast of talented and experienced instructors. I, myself, have been taking Introduction to Improv courses and have been learning a great deal. I highly recommend it.

Also, keep a look out...

The Michael Duprey Variety Hour will be returning soon! Repackaged and RELOADED, BABY as a full blown podcast. (That means we'll be a little more lenient with the swears, kiddos!)

Keep your eye on this website and on the rest of my social media for updates, as well as regular content on this blog space.

Don't forget to give me kisses when you see me. :*

-Mikey Boy