The Final Stretch

With Spring Break coming to a close, I am coming into the final stretch of my undergraduate program at Wayne State University, and with it are a fair amount of projects that I am both excited about and consistently preoccupied with.

 With my position at Mondays at the Max, where I, along with a crew of seven film the Wayne State University band concerts at the Max M. Fisher Music Center, I have been presented with several unique opportunities. I am not only the sole editor of the projects, but I also have been rotating between Director and Technical Director of each shoot. Directing, in particular, has proven to provide some unique and new challenges for me, not only in my technical capabilities, but in how I see the production in general. It has deepened my understand of all of the moving parts of a production -- from the composition and synchronicity of each of the shots, to the nuances of the Tricaster board, to the overall language of the music we have been filming and recording. The skills I have been acquiring through directing and editing the Mondays at the Max shows has me eagerly anticipating the prospect of applying these skills to even more exciting projects.

Another project, through which I have been gaining editing and production experience, is the show MetroArts Detroit. I am one of the three editors for the arts showcase program, which airs over the Summer on Detroit Public Television. We are each given two shows to fully edit and create a rough cut for. On the shows that I am not the editor for, I am responsible for contributing to staging, lighting, and for being a general utility. This has provided me with, not only supplemental and immensely valuable experience with editing an actual television program, but it also has given me a unique perspective in working as a part of a large television crew, allowing me to get a grip on all of the different aspects of what it takes to create a cohesive television program.

Switching gears, I am well into the production of the final short film I will be working on during my undergraduate career. It is called Imaginary Friends Forever, and is written and directed by my good friend Steve Branstrom, who I also wrote and directed the short film The Buzzer with (along with Janelle Soulliere, who is also producing IFF.) On St. Patrick's Day, we wrapped up our first day of shooting, which was incidentally also the biggest shoot day and had the most complicated shots. A couple of reliable members of our Techniques of Video and Film Production class joined our crew and contributed greatly. Judging by the shots we got, alone, this is shaping up to be one of the most exciting and professionally done short films I have ever worked on, and I am very eager to share the finished product here.

On the note of short films, the aforementioned film The Buzzer which was written and directed by Steve Branstrom, Janelle Soulliere, and myself was recently selected to be screened at both the International Broke Student Film Festival (which my project The Christening of Ricky Steadfast was screened at in 2015) as well as Wayne State University's MovingMedia Student Film Festival, which is very exciting.

Otherwise, I am approaching the final month and a half of my run at WAYN Radio, which is always a sad prospect to consider. I have been a member of the WAYN Radio Org since Fall 2014, since I have been producing my program The Michael Duprey Variety Hour consistently, as well as two other projects throughout, including The After Hour with Captain Bruce Chobot and Apples & Oranges, which is produced with my sister Lauren. It has been a monumentally fun time working through WAYN Radio, and I am eager to make these final few weeks some of the best shows I have ever put on. Here is the most recent episode of MDVH that has been posted on Soundcloud:

This website is far from complete, but the ultimate goal for it is to not only create an electronic portfolio with the intention of finding employment, but also to provide any "fans" that I might have with regular updates on my work and professional life. (My fan-base probably only amounting to my immediate family and close friends. Hi Mom!)

Basically, it's your one stop shop for all things Michael. As DMX once, famously said: 

(In the following quote,  x = Mike.)

"X gon' give it to ya
F*** wait for you to get it on your own
X gon' deliver to ya
Knock knock, open up the door, it's real
Wit the non-stop, pop pop and stainless steel"

That's pretty much where I'm at, right now.

With tender love and care,
Mikey Mike