About Me

Michael Duprey, motivated by a great passion for entertaining others, has always gone out of his way to make people laugh. From a young age, Michael, along with his brother, Raymond, and sister, Lauren, would mute the television set and dub over the films, he would try to be the focus of family parties by dancing around with his underwear over his head, and he would lock his Mother out of his house just for fun. When he made it to high school, he found a creative way to harness his natural inclination to entertain by joining the theatre program, playing both comedic roles (Elliot Garfield in The Goodbye Girl, Sandy in Hay Fever, and Mr. Wilson in Harvey) as well as dramatic roles (Captain Keller in The MIracle Worker and later Gray in The Hilberry Theatre's production of Richard III.)


Michael (hidden behind the woman on the far left) pictured with the cast of The Hilberry Theatre's Richard III.

Michael (hidden behind the woman on the far left) pictured with the cast of The Hilberry Theatre's Richard III.

This newfound craft motivated Michael to go on to Wayne State University, persuing a major in Theatre. After gaining a well-rounded proficiency in both acting and crew work in theatre, Michael was introduced to the world of radio when he took the class for WAYN Radio, Wayne State's student run radio station. In this course, each student was permitted to air a 30-minute completely original segment of their choice on the internet radio station. It was in this class that Michael conceived the idea of The Michael Duprey Variety Half-Hour, a show comprised of comedic skits written and recorded by Michael and his friends and family. After a successful semester, Michael fell in love with the world of Media Arts, and began majoring in Media Arts & Studies.

The official poster for Michael's first short film  The Christening of Ricky Steadfast  (2015).

The official poster for Michael's first short film The Christening of Ricky Steadfast (2015).

Once the next semester began, Michael had joined the WAYN Radio student organization, converting The Michael Duprey Variety Half-Hour into The Michael Duprey Variety Hour. The addition of the extra half hour prompted Michael to start including in studio guests on the show, in addition to having pre-recorded skits and segments. These guests would vary from local musicians to absurd characters played by friends, family, and local improvisers. This allowed the show to evolve further and made way for the creation of many recurring characters and segments that continue to be used today.

In addition to consistently airing The Michael Duprey Variety Hour throughout the rest of his undergraduate career, Michael also created the show The After Hour with Captain Bruce Chobot, which was a weekly episodic radio space opera that was entirely written and voice acted by Michael Duprey which aired from May to December 2015. After The After Hour concluded, he began a new show with his sister titled Apples & Oranges, a casual chat show where they would discuss news from the week, gossip, television, and movies.

It was during this time that Michael also brought to life his first short film The Christening of Ricky Steadfast which he wrote, directed, and edited. Created as the final project for his Intro to Audio, Video, and Film Production class, The Christening of Ricky Steadfast was selected to be screened at the 2015 International Broke Student Film Festival, where it won the distinction of Audience Choice. He later collaborated with friends Steven Branstrom and Janelle Soulliere on a short film called The Buzzer, which he co-wrote and co-directed, and was selected to be screen in the 2016 International Broke Student Film Festival as well as the 2016 Wayne State University MovingMedia Student Film Festival.


In addition to radio and film, Michael discovered a passion for all aspects of broadcast television as well. Through his Television Production course he discovered that he loved being in front of the camera as was evidenced by the short segments he shot (Mikey Drawswell, Mikey Eatswell, and Mikey Giftswell's Holiday Special), by being a crew member of the Detroit Public Television show MetroArts Detroit he discovered a great passion for editing with Avid Media Composer, and by working on the Mondays at the Max crew (the filming and recording of the Wayne State University bands and ensembles) he discovered a love for Directing, Technical Directing, and working with the Vegas editing software.

By working through his coursework at Wayne State University, working on his own independent projects, creating three conceptually diverse radio shows, and working on professional television crews, Michael has gained a proficiency in many aspects of the Media Arts field, and has attained and continues to hone the skills he has sought after since he was young to entertain those around him.